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Harvest and Wild

Holiday Chutney

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We believe that good food should be shared, and this holiday season we wanted to do more to share this message. So we've partnered with Halifax's Veith House, whose mission is to develop and support the local community.

Made in the Veith House kitchen with some of the produce from their new community garden, The profits from the sale of each jar go directly to support Vieth House.

You can also find our Holiday Chutney at Local Source and the Lemonade General Store, both in Halifax. As well as at Goody Baskets and the Fundy Foodie

Flavors: Cranberries with cherry, apple, onions, and dates. All with warming holiday spices. Warm with a slight tang.

Pairings: Try as a topping for baked brie or camembert, Excellent on any cheeseboard, but also with a holiday roast.